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How much do you earn currently?
How much do you work for this amount?

Can you maintain your family well from your income?
How much time do you spend with your family?
There is no secure job!
What would you do if you get laid off due to the "financial crisis'?

How would you like to live in the next year, or in 5, or 10 years from now?
Are you working for your own dream, or somebody else's?


I introduce a company that makes the trends instead of following them. It works on a market that expanding with high speed and thrive dynamically. Grabs the opportunities given by the technology, listens to the expert's prediction. According to that, this currently 3 billion dollar market will grow to a 20 billion dollar market by 2015, and puts the PEOPLE in the center.

Would you be interested to know how to initiate your own prosperity by serving the health and condition for your own and for your fellow-beings?

Our company has a vision! The Wellstar wants to open every country in Europe by 2015!

We are surrounded by relatives, friends, acquaintances, business partners everywhere. Whoever would understand that all they gave to do is to nod to this phenomenal opportunity and of course constantly and consequently work on it, could be an irreversible millionaire in any European country!

You could be the one, who could reach this!

A part time income, - a couple of hundred Euros, for a couple of hours work in a week - or a few thousands Euro, for an intensive work are all reachable, just like a career steps, a company car and travelling.

If you would like a share from an income of an international company, if you would like to reach a leading position and keep it 100% in all of your life, then the opportunity is here for you to reach your goal!

Are you interested in the opportunity? Contact me on e-mail!


You're not interested? Don't complain! (Not even later!!)

I am determined to find those few active people, who will provide enough help to the company to reach it's plan to be present in all European country by 2015, and introduce their unique products to the people. Not only the rich could have the privilege for health, healthy soul, and financial well-being, but everybody who would do something about them. I am looking for the top leaders of the year 2012 biggest company! (by the opinion of independent economists.)

Waiting for people:
- Who would love to be a Founder member of an international Company,
- Who is not happy with fall back coused by the crisis,
- Who loves to deal with people,
- Who wants to succeed,
- Who would like to work in their own hours,
- Who wants to change a lifestyle, a health and willing to do something about them!

If you would fit into any category and would like to reward your activity with a western European income, then contact me! Write a history with us!

Bring happiness, health, beauty and financial independence to your own and other's life!


You also can attend a short presentation every week in Budapest,
where you can get to know the products, the career and the compensation system.
Let me know in advance,
so I can reserve your seat!

You can have a personal consultation as well. Just write your question in an e-mail
and I will answer you in a short time.

Watch the videos below for thought-provoking!

Robert Kiyosaki-CASHFLOW-Quadrant Activity multiplication

"The future is not something that we enter. The future is what we create."

Independent Wellstar consultant

E-mail: tanacsadas@wellstar.info.hu
SKYPE: double2007


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I could help you in the registration and order if you request it!

Leslie Cooper consultant (Webstar Vital Coach) Skype: double2007
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