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If you are interested in the opportunities in more details,
or something concerns you, please contact me via e-mail, or Skype!

You also can attend a short presentation every week in Budapest, also in the open countries,
where you can get to know the products, the career and the compensation system.
Let me know in advance,
so I can reserve your seat!

You can have a personal consultation as well. Just write your question in an e-mail
and I will answer you in a short time.


Orders can be placed in two ways:

1. Directly from me via e-mail, on Skype, or

2. By clicking >>> HERE <<< through the WebStar Web-shop.
Officially at the moment, WellStar will ship to
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland,
Denmark, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.

For other countries, please contact me!

Discount purchasing possibilities!
(Details on the WPCC page)

Condition: Registering on WebStar and purchase minimum 2 products!

I would be more then happy if I can inform you about the prices of the
2 chosen products, in any variety.
I can assist you in the registration and ordering by your request!

Product name
Normal price
Discounted price
Green Gold Imune €49,90- €46,90-
Green Gold Forever Young Pur (Natur) €39,90- €32,90-
Green Gold Forever Young Mint €39,90- €32,90-
Kineto Natural Body Power €46,90- €39,90-
Genio Natural Mind Balance €46,90- €39,90-
Viewty Caps €59,90- €45,00-
Viewty LC drink powder €119,00- €93,00-

If you would like to get them a lot more cheaper then these, click
>>> HERE <<<


Please, fill out the form below and I will contact you.

Your details are confidential, will not be given out in any circumstances!

Be certain to put your concrete question in the "Message" window,
so I can give you concrete answers!

In case of ordering write your name, the quantity of the products and the postal address.
I will let you know about the shipping costs.





Phone No.:


Best time to contact:



Independent Wellstar consultant
SKYPE: double2007

Leslie Cooper consultant (Webstar Vital Coach) Skype: double2007
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