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The nutrition in our food has been gradually decreased by 85 %
in the last 15 years.

The food Industry today is determined by the market's demand. There are cultivated fruits and vegetables, but more likely, they harvested while they are green. They can handle the longer transportation while they are frozen. By a demands of a market they get defrosted, then matured with gas. This is how they get to our table. Countless of them are gene manipulated, which is not good for our body. We don't even mention example that waxing which makes them so shiny and appetizing in the supermarkets. We can't even remove this coating without peeling them. We eat it, and because its artificial, our body will not digest it, also can not defecate it. These materials get stored as toxins. The preservatives, colorings, artificial sweeteners, etc. are all find in our body. Since they are toxins, they harm the health of our cells.     

We know from the doctors that there are more and more serious illnesses are around. Nowadays, we get illnesses that didn't even know of 20 years ago. Not to mention those mutant viruses that we don't even have any antidote for. The people catch these viruses more easily who has a weakened immune system by toxins. These illnesses could be fatal. This is why it is so important to precondition our protection, our immune system. Unfortunately, this only achievable with healthy cells, only those can fight the intruders. What can we expect if try to fight with toxin damaged cells? Well, not much!

Many of us consume different and natural food supplements, vitamins, minerals, that are good for our body, but our damaged cells incapable to process them. We have to leave our cells to heal themselves. This is only possible with toxin free circumstances. Lot of naturopaths affirms that toxins won't vanish without help!

The attention of the dietitians is going towards to the fresh water algae. The micro-algae that are around for thousands of years in their original form are capable to remove toxins. As the sea algae are the cleansing system of the seas, the fresh water algae the cleansing system for the people. They draw in the toxins due to their cell structure, and then leave our body in a natural way.

You can find these helpful products on the "Green Gold", and the "Energy-Beauty" pages.

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Our health begins at our cells. Millions of cells get regenerated or replaced in our body day by day. This activity - also, keeping our body alive - burns up the stored active, vital resources. If an environmental or physical stress comes to our undiversified diet, then our resources will be discharged very quickly. Deficiency will occur in our body if we don't fill it instantly. The fragile fingernails, the unhealthy and cracked hair are well known sign of the allergy, the metabolism and digestion problems. The physical depression is an indication for illness, and reminds us to listen to our body's messages. We need to refill it's stores with "better values" .

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