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"I have borrowed the alga from one of my friend. Within a week my arthritis has gone from my heal and from my wrist. I stepped on the on the field with my basketball team in Ulm, Germany and I have scored 42 points in my first game. The real surprise was waiting for me at the end of the game; a brand new car was waiting for me at the front of the stadium. The Wellstar products helped me to get into such condition that I could take the next season also. In 2 weeks I've got back to my normal weight - lost 10 kilos - with the help of the 2 vital drinks, the Kineto and the Genio. In addition, I don't have to take a rest at midday what was a regular exersize before. I fell stronger and indefatigable on the trainings and in the games. Finally I've got my mood and my strength back. I had one interesting observation though, when I started to take the algae, my toothache got stronger in a couple of days. I have got X-rayed it, because I had a contract in Germany. The dentists said that is an inflammation, a cyst on the tip of the root. By the time I've got the appointment for the treatment, they couldn't see it, it has disappeared and the pain was gone also."

Levente Gémes - Hungarian champion

I am a middle-aged man and I battled with joint problems for the last 6 years, I hardly could walk. I thought that these pains are coming from the strong physical strain and I have to live with them. I had another sorrow that I liked to sleep on my stomach. That position was the most comfortable for me to sleep, but I couldn't do it any more because of the joint problems. After two months of algae consuming I'm riding a bike today, and I building my muscles up after a long enforced rest. I am very happy also that I can sleep on my stomach.

Thomas Teibler(Budapest)

I have lost 27 kilos in 4 and half months with the help of the alga, Viewty Caps and some LC. I took 2 Viewty Caps in an empty stomach, then the alga mix. To be exact, I have put the nature or the mint alga (whatever I had) into a Kineto and Genio mix, and drank 2.5 dl water. This was my breakfast. Between 12 and 4 pm I had my normal lunch, whatever I have desired. I didn't over eat, but a slice of cake was ok too. In the evening I've took 2 Viewty caps and if I felt hungry, I had an LC with the alga, other ways fruit juice with the alga. How tolerate our body is when we give what it needs?

Monika Berki

A young woman who has a riding-hall and she is running her own enterprise had many allergic reactions. The doctors had identified more then 10 different allergies, like hay, dust, smell, different kind of food, etc. In addition, her knees were damaged and she blamed the horse riding for it. One of them got a surgery and the other one was booked in. After the first portion of alga all of the allergic reaction came forward. She thought that she is allergic to the alga as well. The naturopath advised her to reduce the portion for longer time, but keep taking the algae every day. About two weeks later the allergic symptoms started to disappear. Today, she can live a full business life and be around her horses without any problems. Also, her other knee's surgery been cancelled because it is working better then the operated one.

Another lady was struggling with migraines for about 12 years, that came every week, and lasted for 3 days. The medications were effectless. Later, she was taking natural analgesics, but only reduced the pain for 2 days. At the time of the migraine she hided away from her family, her husband and the whole world entirely. It was less painful in a dark room. After 2 weeks of alga taking the "waited" migraine was not coming. It never came back. She is the happiest now, but imagine her family who helplessly watched her agony for many years.

"Green Gold Solar, Lunar and Forever Young: My polyarthritis disappeared totally! I've got younger spectacularly! I am 65 years old and I had polyarthritis with an acute pain. After a many sleepless nights and painkillers I visited a rheumatologist. First I've got a steroid injection and "calming" words, "you will see, it will be everything OK in one hour." I've got "settled". But what will happen if the pain comes back? Then, he said: "take 2 from these pills, they are strong pain killers!" These were the last drops in the glass. I kept on searching for the alternative treatments and got to know that algae that I heard of before. This happened in last November. I am drinking the algae since then regularly, my joints are not hurting and I am not taking any pain killers. In addition, I don't have to take a separate Omega 3, Calcium pills, Vitamin C, etc. I feel great physically and mentally as well. At first I had more intensive pain and had allergy symptoms, I had a sensitive stomach and kidney, I didn't sleep well. But these problems have gone in a couple of days. I understood that this is normal, because this is how they get better. Naturally, I am consuming them in a bigger amount now and if my boxes will be empty, I will try the "Big gun", the nature alga (Green Gold forever Young). Health for everybody! "

Eva Wagner, Budapest

I had to go for urological visit regularly for more then 3 years, because of the results of my urinoscopy showed wrong values. It was positive and purulent. I had a few cysts on my kidneys as well. A started to take the algae, and about a month I had to go back to the nephrologists, What I heard it was a miracle for me. The result of my urinoscopy was excellent, and all of my cysts have disappeared from kidneys. I haven't done anything differently then before, except I took the algae. I would recommend them to everybody. There is something else. The Kineto is a miraculous product as well. Both of us drink it. My son performs very well on his after school karate training, and myself can do the tasks at home after long hours of work without any problems. With the Genio I can do more work on the computer, I can concentrate more and my eyes don't get tired that much. My son is a very good student, but I still noticed the effect of the Genio. He learns the poems in the school already so he has energy left for those things that were less interesting for him.
They are super products.

Nikoletta Tompa(Pécs)

For blood pressure? Who? What? "My mom had an extremely high blood pressure fixed since she is taking the Green Gold Solar and Lunar. At the 9th of December, 2008, she had a very high blood pressure. This happened while she was taking 3 medicines regularly. I am working in the health industry, so I have tried the haemadynamometer, but it was impossible because it wasn't calibrated that high. Naturally, she was fainted. I have tried the Nitromint Retard under her tongue, but this was also impossible, because she was still fainted. The ambulance have registered 260/110 Hgmm-t after half an hour. I've said to myself, if God will not take her from me, I will look for a product that is natural, so will avoid the side effects of the medications (no wonder that I've lost my trust in medications) She could stay with me, came home with 7 different pills to take. I get her to take all of those regularly. This was the time I've got to know of Wellstar. I gave her the Green Gold Solar and Lunar. After 3 weeks the 7 medications were too much, and we could leave 2 out. After a week, we were allowed to leave another 2, I mean, we had to. I can tell you that after 1.5 months with alga my mom got back to normal. She is stronger, she have better exhilaration, and she sleeps better, wakes up more relaxed. I don't even mention the blood pressure normalization. We could avoid 4 medications and hope that this tendency will continue. I would like to mention here that my mom had an old age blood sugar level rising as a cream on the cake and that one is also normal now. The alga has proved for us. Thank you Wellstar, thank you for the discoverer of the alga!" 

Tiba Jánosné, Taktaszada 

An aged woman had diabetes for long time. The sugar level strongly fluctuated, from 5 up to 13. Unfortunately, she has lost her eyesight because of that. She had to take medication twice a day, also started to take the algae. In about two weeks, she would be able to halve her medication. The algae took the blood sugar level down and it is not fluctuating any more. The happiest thing is for her that she can eat chilli. She loves it, but it was harmful before.

I am 48 years old. Since about my age of 20 I suffer an allergic skin problem that goes away for years, and then comes back. My whole body was inflamed; my skin was covered with painful, burning, watery blisters. The doctors couldn't help, however they tried many treatment variation. None of the injections, allergic pills, herb teas, immune system boosters were effectless. The allergic tests showed no result also. It is still a secret that my body doesn't like.
3 years ago I had to see a doctor with a cancerous growth, that I luckily recovered from. This is necessary to note, because in 6-month time I needed to go back CT, where I drank a contrast medium. The next day my allergies attacked me with acuteness that I never saw before, and comes back once a month since then. My daily 6-8 injection didn't help. A dermatologist said that he can remove that 5 mm thick inflamed skin with a special ointment. The chemists made the solution. The next day I removed the bandage, but with my skin together in a severe pain. I couldn't stand on my feet for days. I had to learn to walk again after the 3 month forced resting. Last year it has inflamed again, but straight away I ran to the doctor, for injection and different medications. In two weeks, its got normalized, but the apprehension was in me already, so I started to research a way towards to the full cure. This was when I heard first from the algae products that mobilizing the self-healing capability of the body, detoxacate, disacidify and clean out all the harmful material. I purchased some straight away, and I really felt the benefits. Unfortunately, I ran out, and I didn't refill. In couple of weeks, I started to feel that tingling feeling that comes before the allergy attack. The inflammation stared again. This time I didn't hesitate to get a product again. Unbelievably, after the first portion the inflammation has stopped and the heeling process began. It is fantastic that I don't need medication, or injection any more. I don't have to face this really terrible illness anymore, because finally I have found the product that helps me a lot.

Margit Sági (Budapest)

An elderly man had asthma, but the shortness of breath only came at night. He had to use the inhaler, so he could sleep a couple of hours. His bed was regularly vacuumed, but it didn't help. After about a month algae takings he didn't wake up at night and he didn't have to use it the inhaler either. He is saying; "I am sleeping as a log!"

"I've got cured from my diabetes, my arthritis is gone and I feel 10 years younger with the help of the Green Gold micro algae. I am diabetes since 47 and never could get the blood sugar level down below 14-15 in the last 13 years even when I was dieting. I'm taking medications for years, nut no results. My son started to take the green Gold micro algae. Seeing his results I have started as well. Unbelievable, but after 5 days my sugar level got to 5 and it is normal since then. I had to leave my evening medication, because I have measuring 4 in the morning, and that is not enough. I didn't eat any chocolate, ice cream, cake for the last 13 years, but I can have them for the last 6 month, of course with moderation. For a side effect, my arthritis and my gout has gone totally. My hair got thicker and I can grow my fingernails, I am happier, more energetic, more flexible. I can recommend the products of Wellstar for everybody! "

Elizabeth Szalai (63), Budapest

I would state to these few testimonials, that the micro-algae are not medicines and not a wonder products either. Simply detoxify the body, and drive the accumulated heavy metals out which causing different problems. The medical scientists are powerless with many of them, they are not even identifiable. After detoxication the body rebuild its own immune system that protects us from pollution, malnutrition, stress and other harmful impacts.

Leslie Cooper consultant (Webstar Vital Coach) Skype: double2007
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